Certified in Graphic Designing

About Course

At present, the Graphic Design and Advertising industry is witnessing phenomenal growth because of economic prosperity, rise in consumerism and advancement in technology. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there is an overall global growth figure of 7% in the fields of Graphic Design and Advertising. The newspaper industry, which is facing declining readership in many international markets because of digital media, continues to thrive in India, driven by increasing literacy rates, consumer spending and the growth of regional markets and specialty newspapers.


  • 10+2
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer


1 hour/day for 3 months (min.)


1500 Rs. per month
9000 Rs. for 3 months


Subject Code Name of the Subject Theory (Hrs) Practical (Hrs)
CGD-1 Graphic Essentials * 01:00 01:00
CGD-1 Adobe Photoshop 11:00 11:00
CGD-1 Adobe Illustrator 11:00 11:00
CGD-1 Corel Draw 11:00 11:00


  1. Graphic Essentials:- What is graphic designing, how it's working, software installation and setup for graphic designing.

Job Opportunities

Graphic designer, Web designer, Graphic & Web Designer, Freelance Graphic designer