Certified in Hardware and Networking

About Course

Hardware and Networking can be defined as a Branch which is the Study of hardware parts of the computer and networking system. It provides the knowledge on peripherals parts of the computer. The Networking course study helps the candidates to gain knowledge on the framework of different layers of computer communication. The course is also useful for Networking Professionals, System Administrators, Installers and End users, Engineering Graduates will benefit more by attending the workshop.


  • 10+2
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer


1 hour/day for 6 months (min.)


1500 Rs. per month
9000 Rs. for 6 months


Subject Code Name of the Subject Theory (Hrs) Practical (Hrs)
CHN-1 Hardware & Networking Essentials * 02:00 02:00
CHN-1 Hardware * 33:00 33:00
CHN-1 Software * 33:00 33:00
CHN-1 Networking * 33:00 33:00


  1. Hardware & Networking Essentials :- Fundamentals of Information Technology & Operating Systems
  2. Hardware :- Basics of Electronics & Microprocessor, Pc Assembling & Troubleshooting, Basic Electronics, Introduction to all Peripherals, All Peripherals Configuration, Settings & Assembling.
  3. Software :- Software Installations & Configuration, IRQ Settings, Port Settings- Serial, Parallel, USB, Maintenance & Computer Virus, BIOS settings, MS-Windows, MS-Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Project Work, Troubleshooting, Starting & Booting, HDD Partitioning, OS Installations, Multi-booting, Device Drivers (Modem, Display, Printer, Sound, etc.)
  4. Networking :- To understand the networking, OSI Concepts, Technologies, Colour coding, Ethernet cable to be crimping, Adaptor configuration, Designed structure, Different-2 configuration methods of device.

Job Opportunities

Junior Engineer, Design Assistant, Senior Technical Assistant in Research and development, Quality Controller, Hardware Tester, Shop floor manger, Assembly supervisor (in manufacturing and production), Installation Engineer, System administrator, Network Engineer, Network administrator, IT administrator, Security Database development and administration, Technical Support.